Sports injury rehabilitation

Any injury can be devasted for any level of athlete. It shows that we are not as indestructive as we thought.

However, it also allows us to improve areas of our body that we have never thought would exit or that we would have.

At BG Physio, we want to make you better than before. We are not worried about short-term relief. We are concerned with long-term benefits.

Every day is a new chance to restart, improve and be thankful for another opportunity.


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Pain is a complex topic that can become a massive burden in someone’s life.

Our main goal is to understand your case and provide the best treatment and strategies to help you overcome it.

The athletes of the real-life routine: wake up, work, play with kids and enjoy life.

We are open and interested in helping you.

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Knee pain - Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral Pain, also known as Anterior Knee pain and popularly described as Knee cap pain, is one of the most common complaints among knee issues between athletes and non-athletes.

It is characterised by persistent diffuse anterior peri- and retro-patellar pain, exacerbated by activities that increase compressive and shear forces in the patellofemoral joint (PFJ), including squatting down, running, ascending and descending stairs.

Nowadays, the gold standard treatment for this condition is based on a personalised exercise therapy program. A mix of strengthening and stretching, with or without external supports, such as tape, brace and foot orthosis.

Our senior physiotherapist, Bruno Gragnani, started in 2022 with his Master’s by research to improve his clinical reasoning and understanding of how to manage and treat this condition in the best way.

At La Trobe University, he now belongs to La Trobe Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre (LASEM).

LASEM is one of the most important research centres in the world. Many clinical trials were developed there and had changed the way we manage some sports injuries, such as PFP and ACL injuries.

Book now your assessment, and let us help you regain your best version.

Knee pain
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Return to Sport

Getting back to training without restrictions and concerns shouldn’t be a guess. 

Nowadays we have plenty of research guiding us on normative values and what we should expected from each injury to minimise a new incident of the same injury.

We don’t guess we assess.


BodyBalance - Group Class

  • Maximum of 4 people
  • It is ideal for those who are returning from injury or transitioning to performance.

Package of 10 classes* – $30 each

Single class – $40

Health fund rebates.



@ 6:30 pm by appointment only


*conditions applied

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